To the crazy ones …

To the brave entrepreneur. The thinker.
The visionary. The creator.

To the women and men that dare to go out there
and put their ideas into actions.

To the ones that believe in their dreams and
move forward to make them a reality.

We love that spark in you and
cannot wait to accompany you on your way …

The WHY Discovery

Branding and Positioning

“People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it,” says leadership expert Simon Sinek. You probably know why you have a business, but sometimes, things can be a bit fuzzy. During this session, we will have a look at the core of your business, define the goals for your new website or application, and decide on the requirements.

Get The Ultimate Website

UX, UI and Development

Your website should communicate the essence of your business, almost like you are talking directly to your website visitor. Let’s get you a user-friendly, functional, and beautifully designed website, that speaks to your audience and reflects the core of your business.

Get a Professional Look

Graphic Design

Do you need a new digital house style, an eBook, (interactive) infographic, or banner for your social media? Does your website need a redesign? Make sure it looks professionally and get in touch. Together, we will create beautiful visuals that look professional and reflect the essence of your business.


Vantaa, Finland

Smart electric fuel for shared mobility.

Natti Vogel

New York, United States

Singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, performer, artist.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Photography lovers. Because it changes the way you see things.

Meet Los Amigos

Antigua, Guatemala

Fairtrade speciality coffee from Guatemala.

Johanna Fellner

Höhenkirchen, Germany

Life is movement. Movement means change. Only who is willing to change, can create a movement.

Print & Paint

Schijndel, The Netherlands

Spontainious creativity translated into unique designs. Stubborn creativity with a goal.


Think But Why is a creative brand consultancy with partners and co-workers all over the world. For established businesses and startups alike we use a vast network of talent to transform business for the better. Although from different backgrounds, we all share the belief that the future belongs to responsible and purpose-driven companies. To make that happen, we focus on supporting projects that are value-driven and ethical. Meet our partners …

Work with us

Let’s partner up!

Different projects need different talent. That’s why we work with experienced professionals from all over the world. Professionals that are business owners themselves understand entrepreneurship and that are dedicated to moving with you to make your ideas become a reality.

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